By Incredibish

Wide Wednesday, Bridge 211

The sub-theme of built environment popped up when Sheol, Happy_Janwen and I went for a walk. 

Janet and I had previously said farewell to Brentastic, Sarahsnaphappy and Vauxden, who are on their way back to the other dodgy United Something from this one. It was lovely to see them and we look forward to seeing them again soon ish.

On our walk we passed under the Bristol to Bath cycle track, formerly an old branch line closed by Beeching in the sixties. I took this nine portrait shot panorama - which Affinity has not quite stitched together - and it wasn't until shot nine (working left to right) that I went uh-oh.

You can see Sheol and Janet have spotted it too!

You can see, on the south pier, that there is a significant crack in the bridge support. It is matched on the other side by another one that also zigzags down the embankment brickwork. If it was a national network railway bridge there would be an emergency phone number to report the damage to. 

It's not, and there's not. But I have advised Sustrans, who I think are responsible as it is part of the national cycle network. I'm sure it's already been noticed and reported, but it would be remiss of me to ignore it.

Late edit: I've added an extra of Swineford Lock because I really like how this twelve portrait panorama turned out. Check them both out in Large.

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