David J. Rose

By djrose007

Vegemite and Forest

I tried to make these two photographs into a collage but the one of Buddy would not co-operate. I couldn't get him and the plate into the picture so decided to use an extra for the one of Hendrix.
We ran out of the childrens cereal for breakfast so I made them toast and Vegemite (which is the Australian version of Marmite). We found that when the twins were with us as well it is what they often have for breakfast and the boys liked it too. 
The Extra is Hendrix creating a forest for the cars to drive through. Marlane had left some artificial pine tree bits in the dining room and Hendrix found them. Decided they could be poked into the holes left by the broken barriers on the garage. He said he wanted the cars to drive through a forest. Such a lovely boy, but couldn't get him to smile for the photo, I think he was just fed up with me saying 'Look at me Hendrix, Look at me'!

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