Completed Puzzle

We finished my birthday jigsaw puzzle late last night - and here it is in all its glory, the finished puzzle with the picture from the box at the bottom right

If you are not familiar with the ‘Wasgij’ puzzles this may seem bit odd as you have no reference picture. In this case, all you are told is to ‘imagine’ what the people on safari in the vehicle might be watching.

They do other styles of puzzle too, some may picture the same ‘scene’ from different ages - so for example a tractor and trailer in one picture may be substituted with a horse and cart in the same place! Some are also a ‘what happens next?’ style…

Bought two more of these puzzles today - but one is for TSTMNBM at the end of the year….

Collected Finlay’s ashes today - next job is to scatter them… :-(

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