By biddy

Macmillan Coffee Morning with a difference.

It’s not every day your doorbell rings and there is a lovely young lady on the doorstep socially distanced, who has brought some cakes.
She was an ex colleague of Stephen and is a whizz at making all kinds of cakes, from novelty ones, to birthdays and weddings.
She hit on the idea of “hosting” a Macmillan Coffee Morning by an announcement on Facebook that if people contributed to the cancer charity, she would personally deliver cakes which she would make herself, to each and everyone who did so.
We were her first delivery, living the closest. They look absolutely scrumpy. But having had my Surprise 70th birthday party cake made by her just over two years ago, we knew they would be good!
She told us it had taken off a lot more than she expected and so far has raised over £350.
A long chat ensued as she stood on the drive with a directive to arrange a meet up in a coffee shop next week!
Meanwhile those cakes are in the kitchen and are like Alice in Wonderland’s cake which said
“Please Eat Me”.
Only I can’t remember if it made her shrink or grow! Be good if these cakes could have a shrink effect! Ha ha!

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