Chili and Crackers

There is a lady in Karthaus who has a little shop. The place is called Benton's Market, and my husband and I have stopped there from time to time over the years. We've bought hoagies, and soda, and chili, which the lady makes herself, and keeps in a big metal container.

Depending on which route we take, Karthaus is on our way to and from the Quehanna Wild Area. So on our way home from our backpack trip on Tuesday afternoon, we stopped, and I bought a quart of chili, cold, and stuck it in the cooler until we got home.

We had chili for supper that night, which was great. It's always awesome to come home starving from a backpack trip, and eat without having to cook. And as you can see, I also had a cup of hot chili for lunch the next day. I put shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream toppers on the chili, and buttered some Ritz crackers on the side.

Voila! Lunch for one!

The soundtrack song is the Power Station, with Some Like It Hot.

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