A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


A brighter day but a distinctly chilly wind. We decided to get out for a walk after yesterday’s abysmal weather and went to do a few jobs in the village before heading up to Leech Lane to descend to Goit Stock.

We haven’t been since July and have avoided it on any warm and sunny day as it has been overwhelmed by visitors.
The surprise was not that there were some people there today but that they were in the water at the bottom of the falls. 3 women and a dog. Rather them than me though I know my son in law has been in on one of his runs!
At least these women had something on as I know fellow lady walkers who come here early doors have regularly seen skinny dippers!

On the walk down Leech Lane there were lots of berries, sloes  and hips and there was a good example of Bracket fungus in the woods. All very autumnal.

We went on to Woodbank for coffee on return as the nearer garden centre hasn’t opened it’s cafe yet. It’s been refurbished during lockdown and I thought it was very nice. Not so nice is that their Christmas shop is open! We didn’t visit!

Just short of 5 miles and probably a mile too far for Chris at the moment. His back/sciatica is causing problems and our son in law asked if it was to do with the fall he had in Scotland. We had forgotten that. He had been helping John secure the boat when he fell down the banking. Maybe it is but I’ve been thinking it’s been more likely related to long drives.

Well it’s Friday again, have a good weekend everyone.

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