A day in the life

By Shelling


I went to look at a house a bit north on my island by lunchtime, the house was nothing for me but it was a lovely day and the last day of what should have been the big annual Öland Harvest festival but because of Corona instead became "Öland is open". The large, usually crowded events has all been cancelled but many of the local farmers have the fruits of their farms open for sale. Also, some artists keeps their galleries open. 

I remembered that a few of my friends, who does sculpture has an exhibition together in the far north of the island and I decided to go there. I stopped for lunch at a fishing village with a fish-restaurant of some reputation. The food was very good but a sign said that today was their last day, the restaurant is closing. Hopefully it will be sold to someone who can continue running it.

At my friends exhibition I bought a candle stick, moulded from stems of a flowering rhubarb plant. She found a way of transferring the texture of the stem into a mould that she can use over and over again. The one I bought is the greyish one to the right. I knew I wanted one from when I first saw them and today it happened.

From today the weather is slowly getting cooler, especially at night, but we're so happy about the mild, sunny September we've had this year.

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