Keith B

By keibr

Season of Mists

Autumn is sometimes the season of mists, and this week it's definitely that. Today the mist hung around all day, never lifting, possibly created by the unseasonable warm weather. It has been 10°C all day, and only a degree colder at night. Apparently a mass of warm air has been pulled up into Sweden from somewhere south.
We took a walk down to our local lake. It's weeks since we just walked for fun, because we've been working fairly intensively on our various projects. Today we decided it was time for a little rest and recreation.
When we got back we returned to our tasks. I finished digging a ditch along the side of Betty's so the new veranda has somewhere to drain to. I now have a large pile of rocks, removed from the ditch, which I'm sure will come in useful somewhere else in the garden.

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