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Love is.....

Taking your grandson out to your Wedding Anniversary and Valentine's lunch before taking him to Addenbrookes Hospital to have his elbow checked. This is what 'Love is' as part of the Missymoo challenge for today.

We had already booked to go to John Lewis for lunch today before we knew that Oliver had an appointment this afternoon. Last year John Lewis did a special three course Valentine's lunch with chocolate strawberries and pink fizz. This year they had the normal menu and the only difference was that the 'specials' for today were printed on pink paper and they had two mains, one with pink fizz included; not quite what we had in mind.

Afterwards we went to Addenbrookes where this picture was taken, after his lunch of steak, chips and vegetables followed by chocolate ice cream Oliver still managed to eat a gluten-free chocolate Brownie while we waited for his mum to come down from her office. They removed the plaster, re-x-rayed and then re- plastered it as well as giving him a sling. The damage was worse than Queen's Hospital in Romford thought, he has to have surgery to pin it back together and there are some bone fragments floating about. This will take place as soon as possible, but may not be until after the weekend.

We plan to have a re-run of our Wedding Anniversary on Monday that is unless I have to go with him and his mum for the surgery!

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