Looking Back In Time

Today’s Blipfoto was actually taken some seventeen years ago with what I believe was the first Olympus Digital Camera marketed in the UK.

Pat has used this photo as the background  on her iMac since I first took it. The venue was Glamis Castle and we attende the Scottish Transport Extravaganza there.

We had met up with our friend, the late Mike Sheridan who owned the Butcher’s Shop in Ballater. He was exhibiting his restored van.

Mike had a great fund of stories and we always made a point of getting together whenever we were in Ballater.

Of course, we had another great chat and by the time we said our goodbyes and returned to the car we found it alone in the car park grounds. I took the photo then.

The highlights are overexposed, but it is still an interesting composition.

Today, an update for the software on my "new" Mac Pro had been announced and I duly installed it. However, the Mac did not restart, preferring to display a dark gray circle with a diagonal line through it.

Not a good sign!

However, I was able to go back in time and restore the software to as it was before. Everything is now as it was and the six hard drives that are installed are all fine as well.

That is the first time in fifteen years that I have had a problem with installing an upgrade.

Where did I get the original of today’s Blipfoto from. From my first Mac Pro which is 15 years old and is running well.

Pat’s iMac is 15 years old and my newer Mac Pro is 10 years old.

The beauty of the Mac Pro is that virtually every component can be removed and upgraded at home very easily. 

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