By Terrifo

Swedish Delivery

A cool wet morning. It didn't help being woken up by a phone call at 1am. On checking on the caller this morning it was a French number, and I don't know anyone who would call me from there. I was not amused, and Fitbit tells me I had a fair sleep of 6hrs min. with a big chunk of being awake after the call!! :- (

I needed to be up early as I was expecting a delivery, from a well known Swedish company. I had ordered a new shoe store/bench for the hall, and a couple of sundry bits and bobs. So having seen the WidWed for this week, I thought I would prop it it up in the hall for todays blip.

Thank you for dropping in and for your comments and rewards for yesterdays blip, much appreciated as always. Hope your week is going well, take care and stay safe :-) x

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