Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Young 33

Continuing my visual record of 2020 yard birds with a Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted).  This is a young male, not fully into his adult plumage as he is lacking his black "moustache" and his overall coloring is muted.  Still an impressive bird and not one that I have ever gotten a decent shot of.  Some people are lucky enough to have flickers visiting their feeders, but the flickers that visit our yard are usually in the woods, or occasionally in the garden lapping up ants.  Which meant that I was pretty excited to be able to get some reasonable shots of this young guy this morning!  He was on the walkway, about 25 feet from me, probing between the pavers for ants.  Another shot in Extra, taken from quite a distance, but a better surrounding.

It was quite windy today so I decided not to go out on the water.  It seems like it would be more work than fun.  

When I went out to get the paper this morning, I startled a group of 5 deer in my garden.  I scurried back in to get my camera but when I crept back out to get some shots, they spooked and ran.  Had the Flicker not come along, this shot would have been my Blip.

Went to pick up a pair of glasses with new prescription today - not a big change but I can tell the difference.  Everything is just a bit sharper.

By now I am sure those who didn't watch the US Presidential Debate last night have at least read the post mortem.  It was, honestly, shocking.  In the words of one CNN commentator, "that was a shitshow".  As some of you know, I get most of my news from international news outlets and to read the reporting from other countries was pretty embarrassing.  Hubs and I watched the whole thing, not sure whether to laugh, cry, or apply for citizenship in another country.  I personally think Biden acquitted himself better than the other one, but the whole thing was pretty painful to watch.  Ballots dropped off at the post office this afternoon.  Fingers crossed.

Stay safe.  Be kind.


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