I was meeting my friend, Susan, for coffee this morning at Studley Grange, a local Garden Centre - but as we all know these places sell much more than just garden supplies and accessories.  

Mr. HCB had told me before I left that whatever I saw, if I wanted it, I was to buy it and not come home and tell him I had seen something, but hadn’t bought it - in other words, carte blanche to spend what I wanted.  I was there a few minutes before Susan, so had a wander round and was spoilt for choice with pink hand warmers, pink garden ornaments, pink cuddly toys, and even beautiful pink cyclamen, and all would have been perfect for BCAM Day 2 so of course, I took several shots of the different things.

Susan arrived and we had a long chat - the first time we had seen each other since the end of February, although as she leads worship in our Church, we have spoken and even sung together.  We didn’t break the law though, because she would play the music on her guitar, send it to me and then I would ensconce myself in one of our upstairs bedrooms, have the music playing in one ear, and record it to be sent back to her, which has worked reasonably well, although it’s not the same as actually singing together!

When Susan left, I had a wander round as I was looking for a fire pit to go in our newly renovated garden for cold evenings, so that we could sit and enjoy being outside and perhaps even toast marshmallows.  I didn’t find anything I liked - they were all huge and I don’t want the fire to last for days, just a couple of hours.  

And then…I spied these gorgeous wellington boots and of course, being decorated with pink flowers, they fitted the bill for BCAM.  I had to do a little rearranging but those who know me will understand that!  I have to say, I didn’t buy them, but I was tempted and the rain has been lashing down, courtesy of Storm Alex for some time so perhaps if I go back there with Mr. HCB, I might try a pair on.

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“Out of suffering 
     have emerged the strongest souls; 
          the most massive characters 
               are seared with scars.” 
Kahlil Gibran

P.S.  Just look at how beautifully the Compassion roses have opened up - in extras - on my kitchen windowsill and the perfume is amazing.  I knew that little maple syrup bottle would come in handy some time.

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