Northern Star

By Lifferz


Visit from brother in law

Good walk to and from the eatery despite the rain

I saw a bloke I’ve not seen for about 15 years tonight. Last time I saw him he patted my knee several times in an incredibly patronising way as he talked to me. “Pat for patronising” a male friend told me at the time when I recounted the story! Fascinating to realise now that he’s probably my age (I didn’t realise that at the time) and I had no idea he likely lived locally.
Peculiar memory and I suspect he wouldn’t pat my knee now thankfully

I had a burger which was sadly a bit burned but a fab black bean salad. The pudding of coconut and mango purée rice pudding (taste discovery!) more than made up for the burned burger.

I’ve been shortlisted for an interview which is rather pleasant positive feedback as I’ve not applied for a new job for 20 years

Halloween decorations are going up tonight! I was late last year and had them up for only a week which was a big regret. I’m a goth at heart and love bat and pumpkin decorations

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