Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

The More Things Change

the more they stay the same.

I needed new glasses, not because my prescription changed but because I could never really see through the others due to the ill fitting plastic frames. The lenses are blended trifocals and those floppy plastic frames were so frustrating. You can compare these to the extra.

This is a tale of friends meaning well. Church lady asked if I needed anything. I asked if she could pick up 4 plain yogurts and a dozen eggs. Before I continue, keep in mind that I don’t like plain yogurt but my dietitian wants me to try it, 3 ounces at a time. She bought 4 containers but each one was TWO POUNDS. She has a big heart so what can you say other than thank you.

I never wish anyone ill, I’m almost giddy that the world’s most ignorant and dangerous man has contracted Covid-19. The most unbelievable thing I read today was that masks will still be optional for White House staff. What bleeping jackasses.

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