By Dakers

An IKEA Water Glass

Sitting on a quilted place mat!

I took the original of this photo yesterday when the sun was shining.

It is certainly not shining today. The sky is a uniform gray and there is very little wind about. It is raining as it has been for several hours.

There is a red alert in force for the next 18 hours or so. The rain is light just now but persistent. A day for staying indoors.

Thankfully the rhones have been cleared and the roof has been checked over.

The anti-flood pump in the basement is routinely checked and ready to spring into action should the sump in the floor start to fill up.

I am not a great fan of being in the rain especially in the Scottish autumn. I am happy to be at the seaside and watch stormy seas in Autumn and in Winter, but rain is not for me.

The quilted place mat is reminiscent of the Stars and Stripes, but there are far more stars than normal and far fewer stripes.

It also has a wave form reminiscent of the sea.

Just been informed that our flu vaccination this year will be delayed. The Fife Health Board chose to set up separate clinics and then sent out letters to everyone over 65 asking the recipients to phone in, text or email.

The letters arrived on a Friday, and surprise, surprise everybody responded.

The problem is that the systems put in place have not been able to handle the volume of responses. There will be a delay.

Last year we booked an appointment with our local health centre and walked into be treated in an untrusted manner. No crowds. No drama. No fuss.

Our appointment was for Friday 11th October.

I wonder when it will be this time and where it will be.

Enjoy your weekend.

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