By Dakers

Water, Water Everywhere

Rain has been falling steadily for the last 36 hours at a steady rate.

The water draining from the field further up the hill has gathered into a little loch which we call Loch Occasional. Once it reaches a certain level it runs into "The Policies" through tunnels in the stone boundary wall.

Some of it disappears into our surface drains and heads away to unknown destinations.

The remainder flows over our drive and flows out of the South Entrance and into the road surface drains.

We are unscathed but I am very pleased I did not sew grass seed onto our cleared ground on Friday.

The rain has now stopped and the water will quickly disappear.

The thumbnail shows our stone pillar cap waiting for the appointed contractor to repair/replace and put back in place.

It is a minor "casualty" of the Pandemic restrictions as it will take three men to move it. We are happy to leave it as is. We don’t want anyone to become infected and neither does the appointed firm.

The second wave is well established and we have instituted our own Shielding regime.

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