Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Trees and cow

The cow looks in a bit of a collapsed state, so I hope it's actually OK. This was taken near Mortonhall Garden Centre where I met up with T to go to  the cafe.

There was more news about Robbie: it seems likely that he has a tumour in his abdomen, possibly on his pancreas - the vet did an ultrasound scan as she could feel something abnormal. That's probably the issue which is affecting him more than the kidney disease, and would explain his large weight loss and poor general condition. However, there was some better news in that he was brighter today, possibly because of pain medication overnight. He also had anti-nausea medication and an appetite stimulant and was eating something by this evening. It seems likely that palliative care will be the way forward, and that much will depend on what quality of life I can give him at home.

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