Early morning in the kitchen. 6.45am.

It’s still just about becoming daylight.
I’ve come down to the kitchen to make a coffee. Stephen is slumbering away upstairs.
Now I’m sitting in my usual place looking out over a garden that is gradually emerging from the gloom.
The heating came on for a bit but has now switched off as it isn’t a cold start to the day.
Our heating regulating thermostat is just below the keys in the photo.
Today is our grandson Sammy’s 9th birthday.
I have to say I feel a bit bereft this morning.
First time since he was born we have not been able to go down and see him.
We always went the nearest weekend to his birthday date, or the one following, taking his present. He had a party with his friends first where his other grandparents, living nearby, would be on hand to help.
Sometimes we were all there together.
I miss all of the grandchildren so much.
And not likely to see them even before the end of the year, unless the Rule of 6 changes, which now carries a fine if any household is seen to have more visitors, inside the house or even in the garden!
I can now see the last sunflower in the flower bed, as it has grown lighter outside. It is having a final flourish with its bright yellow flower heads. There are four on this stem at the top. It’s decided to be different! Whichever angle I look at it from it smiles at me.
And right now, it is brightening the day.
Time for another coffee.

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