A feast of berries! For the birds.

We pass these on the way to our local Farm Shop and Café.
It was a bright morning when we set out to go and have a long overdue get together with one of Stephen’s old work colleagues.
Coffee shops and other venues like pub restaurants are the only way we can see friends at the moment.
Thank goodness, even in all the bizarreness of the current restrictions, that we can at least meet somewhere.
After our coffees and a good old conversation, we set off to walk home when the rain began.
We had our umbrellas and only had to change into dry jeans when we got back.
As I’m writing this mid afternoon, it has gone very gloomy outside and the rain is pouring once again.
My mother would have used the expression, “It looks like it has set in for the day now”.
Well that’s how it seems, but you never know!
Could be sunny again by teatime!
I’m all snug and it will be back to my French novel for me now. Really excellent “policier” with a plot which is slowly unravelling bit by bit, called “Debout les Morts” by Fred Vargas, who, incidentally, is a female.

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