Life Savors

By osuzanna

Hailey at 3 years, 9 months.

The reason we were in Wilmington was so we could cross the bridge to New Jersey in late morning and meet our son and his family in a park.  This location marks the halfway mark between our house in Maryland and theirs in NYC.  There we socially distanced and had a picnic lunch together, a good in-person catch-up and played with our darling Hailey.  

We met in New Jersey instead of Delaware because Delaware has appeared on the New York no travel list (New Jersey is allowed) and they get questioned about whether they have traveled out of state every morning when they drop Hailey off at school.  Although they could easily say no, in the spirit of truthfulness which they hope all the parents embrace they wanted to stay within the allowed travel limits.  We concurred wholeheartedly.  

I have included an extra photo of Hailey with her "Gray-pa" as they played on the see saw on the playground. Time was limited to when there were no other kids there.  A sign of the times.  

It was a quick 2 hour drive home.

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