David J. Rose

By djrose007

It's getting better

No photographs taken today so snapped this one this evening for your delight.
It will be a week tomorrow morning since I fell of a ladder, about 4 rungs up, and smashed the back of my head on the patio. The ladder was fine but the soles of my shoes were wet and slipped on the ladder as I was trying to pull a large clump of brambles that had got themselves tangled into the trees.
Apart from being out for a very short while I was amazed that I hadn't broken anything but the back of my head hurt like hell and then, Tuesday evening, I noticed that all around my eye was black. It was from my eyebrow to the top of my cheekbone. Surprising in that it was the back of my head that had the trauma, I didn't hit my face at all.
I was dizzy for about 3 hours, couldn't walk around without holding onto something, but after that it was just the continuous headache which was dulled by Co-codamol painkillers.
Almost back to normal now, thank goodness it was my thick head that hit the patio otherwise I might have been seriously injured!

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