By hazelh

Mathematical amusement

This passes as fun for Mr hazelh. Yes, he is very strange...

Today I finished reading The lying life of adults, popped out for a 5k run (narrowly evading a downpour), won a game of Carcassonne, got caught in the rain when planting tulip bulbs in the back garden, cooked a sausage and cabbage stew for supper, had a lovely phone call with my mother (still at my middle sister's house and very happy there), joined my book group Zoom meeting, and watched University Challenge.

I haven't slept very well the last three nights, and poor Mr hazelh was afflicted last night too (even though I baled out of our bedroom quite early on), so I've volunteered to go straight to the solo bed tonight.

Exercise today: 5 k run; 11,400 steps including run.

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