By hazelh


I popped up to town this afternoon, mainly to buy a couple of items for Mr hazelh's imminent birthday. I usually don't mind a trip of this nature, but the hassle of queuing outside shops and and the taking on and off of masks destroys all the pleasure of shopping. I know that I could just keep my mask on all the time, but I really hate wearing it.

On my way home I called for Véronique and the pair of us took a table at the New Town Fox on Dundas Street for tea, cake and a long overdue chat. It was lovely to see her, as always.

Apart from cooking supper and a quick family Skype call, the rest of my day has been devoted to my secret recreational project. It is very demanding at the moment - for reasons that will be revealed when I eventually confess my antics to my blipfriends ;-)

I blipped the gourds outside a shop on Broughton Street on my way up to town. See my first extra for some good news on my dwarf (and no longer quite so sulky) sunflowers :-) The second extra is Paddy's first salmon, caught today on our wee stretch of the Tyne. Daddy hazelh would have been so proud of his grandson today.

Exercise today: walking (around 10,000 steps - not wearing my Garmin at the moment because it is irritating my skin).

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