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By Diane2104

Little Egret #77

So, the time to post blips here is definitely NOT in the evening! I guess the internet is being well used by everyone at that time, even up until 11pm which is the last time I tried, so the morning after is what I am now trying. 

It was a damp day but we thought we’d spied a break in the clouds and it looked like it was brightening up. In fact it DID brighten up and the sun came out for about half an hour and then it started to rain again.....we got drenched, but still got out which is the main objective. Not sure we will be quite so lucky tomorrow...
We went to Carsington Water reservoir and even though all the hides were closed (which was frustrating as it wasn’t mentioned on any of the sites I visited), we still managed to see a fair few birds - pochard for the first time this year was the best sighting but they were a bit too far away for a picture. This little egret was probably the closest and I was surprised to find that I’d not blipped one this year yet. 
The bird feeders outside the cottage continue to attract plenty of birds with a great spotted woodpecker and nuthatches being regular visitors. Hubby picked up some fat balls from reception as we didn’t think to bring any and the sparrows have gone mad for them. I was actually hoping to lure in the long tailed tit flock that I’d seen in the trees across the yard, but there’s still time. 
Sorry I will not be able to comment on your blips this week as it takes ages just to load up one page. 

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