Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Walking, and blipping, early. I'm working today and I think it'll be a full day. A full day on Microsoft Teams is quite demanding I find. I know that many people are working or studying full time on screen and frankly I don't think that's good. Most organisations haven't a clue how to run good online study or meetings though I guess they're learning fast. Anyway it doesn't do me any good to be sitting for hours on end so off I set this morning to walk Flora.

I'm glad I did because, apart from a bit of exercise, I saw this mist hanging over the hills, fields and the river. To the east, the rising sun was obscured by the mist. To the west the sky was blue and the setting moon still high. There were scores if not hundreds of geese flying overhead.

There were also hoards of teenagers walking or cycling to high school. I'm afraid the walking ones didn't look as if they'd heard of social distancing. Four abreast on a narrow pavement.

Home now, time for a cup of tea then it's off to the dining room I go.

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