Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Dundee but not as we know it

If you look at my journal you might recall that I do occasional work in the lovely city of Dundee. Well today instead of me going to Dundee, Dundee is coming to me. I'll be working remotely thanks to the conferencing system.

Here is the desk in the corner of the dining room ready to go. I know I'm lucky to have the space, equipment and confidence to do this. I used to work from home a lot but since I retired from my last permanent job one of the pleasures of work has been going to an office and working in a team. I'll still be doing those things today but it'll be different.

I've decided to go full work mode and put on the kinds of clothes I'd wear if I were actually going to Dundee. Let's hope they fit. One of the by-products of this crisis has been a noticeable increase in the amount of time I spend at the desk. And the number of biscuits I eat.

The desk is tidy. It soon won't be. There's a landline 'phone on it (how quaint) and above it two framed photographs; one of Evie beach in Orkney and one of St Ninians Isle in Shetland. Shetland is off for 2020 but my fingers are crossed for Orkney much later in the year. We need these dreams to keep us motivated.

Right, off I go. Where's that decent looking top?

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