Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Hi-Key Hawk

I  had a very enjoyable 3 mile walk with my friend this morning.  It started out chilly and very foggy but eventually the sun burned through the fog and we got to add some butterflies to our list of birds.  We logged 38 bird species which I don't think either of us expected.  It's always nice going out with someone else, especially someone who is a much better birder than I am.  No way I would have been able to identify that many species had I been alone.

Today's image is a red-tailed hawk that was perched on a utility pole very near the trail.  Although he watched us carefully, he never left his perch in the dense fog.  And if you've ever tried to photograph birds in a thick fog, you know that it's ...let's just say "difficult".  The image, when I got it on my computer, looked hi key even though it wasn't.  So I decided to go with that and tweaked it a bit and then rendered it in black-and-white.  Won't win any awards, but it's something a little different.  

A better, and less artsy, shot is one of a Blue-headed Vireo with his bright white spectacles - click HERE

I saw a very funny yard sign today "Make America Great Again - Dump Trump".  I would have stopped to get a shot, but it wasn't in a convenient place.  It did make me smile, however.  And I hope it may be foreshadowing.  I'm appalled that he is now screeching from the rooftops that he's a big strong man, and that we should not be afraid of Covid since he's beaten it to the ground.  I wonder how many of his disciples will take this as their cue to run out and get try to get infected?  That's it - no more news for me today.

Be safe, people.  Don't do anything foolish and, for God's sake, be kind.


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