Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Advice to Live By

In the world of invertebrates the best advice of all is "don't look like food."  And I think this is exactly what you are seeing with this tiny larva who suddenly realized that a big northern paper wasp was dangerously close.  The larva maintained this pose for several minutes, moving not so much as a tiny foreleg, until the wasp had moved on.  In truth, I'm not sure that the paper wasps are interested in protein right now, although earlier in the season they are known to eat all manner of larva, including those of monarch butterflies.  Anyway, a bit of entertainment for me, and maybe for you, too.

Another busy day.  I was up in the wee hours, so went back to sleep for a few hours after sunup this morning.  A visit to a shelter to meet yet another dog (update below) before heading off to see my oncologist, who, by the way, I totally LOVE.  We talked about the intermittent hand/wrist pain and my upcoming trip to Columbia and she quickly determined that my best bet was to discontinue the current drug effective immediately.  Once I am back, she wants me to try a different drug and see how I do with it.  It's more expensive, but it also doesn't have the same side effects as the other two in this class.  She said being off any medication for several weeks is not going to increase my risk for recurrence and that it was important that I maintain a good quality of life.  I could have just hugged her.  

Now, as the Great Puppy Adoption Saga... we received word last night that the Pasta Puppy was being homed with another family who the foster mom felt to be a better match.  We both took it a little hard, even though we knew it was a possible outcome. And, I had an appointment today to meet another puppy at a local shelter.  First thing in the morning, however, I received a text from foster mom asking if we might consider the other puppy I met, a young male mix.  She felt he was a bit more laid back and said she thought he would be a perfect fit for us.  And if I am being completely honest, I thought he was ridiculously cute when I met him - sweet and wiggly and cuddly.  She also said she would hold him until I am back, which isn't usually done.  So, Hubs and I will talk it over tonight and probably arrange for him to meet the pup this weekend.  I've said all along that the right dog will find its way to us - and this may be it.  We will see.  Meantime, I met a sweet 3 month lab mix today who was also adorable but also super high energy and no time at all in foster care.  We'd both prefer a dog who has been fostered for a number of reasons.  But I will pop a pic of me and the pup from today in extra - someone will snatch her up very quickly.

The days are positively flying now and I can scarcely believe that I will be in South America this time next week!  I am celebrating with a square of pure dark chocolate today.


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