By dunkyc

Peak Tedium

What fresh hell is this?

Working for the world’s 32nd largest company (their boast, not mine!) is not without its perks. Throughout this eternal year, I feel like I’ve been well supported and kept informed of how they are handling the Covid situation and - until Mr Johnson’s recent announcement - were gearing up to phase up back into the office.

Without wish to jinx it, I’ve never felt that my job was at risk - well, not as a result of Covid anyway….

One of the downsides of working for a large corporate is that they are terrified of you injuring yourself whilst on their watch and blaming them. Rather than leave this to that good ol’ fashioned common sense we keep hearing so much about, being the diligent insurance company that they are, they prefer instead to risk manage the bejesus out of you!!

Today, I finally sat and completed the remaining 12 (12!!) online modules to document that I do know how to drive a car safely without killing myself and or anyone else around me. Part of this involved a video in which Tiff Needell was wheeled out to give a demonstration of how much harder you will hit a cardboard cutout if you drive at just two miles an hour over a thirty speed limit.

As today’s blip demonstrates, I was transfixed and will definitely be on the lookout for cardboard cut outs left in the middle of the road.

I have a long journey ahead of me tomorrow, so I can put my new found skills into action then.

Also, Christ! I'm so bald!

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