A day in the life

By Shelling


I went to see the archeological diggings again as a part of my walk today.
This time I was the only visitor, to begin with, the team was doing the tasks  they were given, I assume by their teacher Ludvig Papmehl Dufay. Yesterday they had to give up digging because of heavy rain but today the sun was shining most of the day and they had a very easy time, their humours were up and they were teasing each other, making derogatory remarks about each others finds at the same time as being generally nice and laughing together. Just like a normal school class, but with a complicated task to do.

Already they have found more pottery than has ever been found anywhere in Sweden from this iron age period so everybody's quite excited, at the same time as they are a bit bored with the slow, tedious work they do. I tried to disturb as little as possible when I was walking around the site but suddenly one of the guys started to tell me about the find he was presently working on. He had found another pot, unusually well kept and was brushing the dirt off it while we were talking. He was proud of his find, knowing it was important and that it was one of the best preserved pots so far. Generally they were so brittle they broke into very small piece when you brushed them. His pot even had two nobs on the side, maybe parts of handles. He was happy to have someone to share his excitement with and occasionally Ludvig would come over to tell him what to do next and to encourage him in his work. Finally he was himself documenting his find in 3D and putting it into the satellite map they are building over the area. Of course he received quite a lot of ironic remarks from his mates about this honor and he snapped back at them generously.  I left them in a good mood.

I had lunch with Eva, with whom I'm planning my next project. We're doing a poetry-music program aimed at libraries and old peoples homes, and an indoor performance the last weekend of November. She will be reading her own poetry and I will find matching songs. After all the "keep distance" and "avoid social gatherings" we've heard since March, we will use the theme of community, closeness and humanity.

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