By dfb24


I went for a walk around 2:00. I never plan my route, I just start walking, & today I turned on the block that parallels our street. I'd only gotten past the first two houses when two little girls came down their driveway on their bikes. Well, my walk turned out to be one of the most hilarious walks I've had in a long time. In less than a block, I found out--without asking a single question--that they were sisters, what their names were, that the older one was 8, the younger 6, & that they had a younger brother. I was complimented on my shirt by the 8 y.o., who followed it up with "Is that an I-phone you're carrying"?  I said yes. "Is it an 11 PRO? I asked her how she knew so much about phones and she said she wanted one like mine, but her mom said no. I told her she had a smart mom, and earned an eye roll followed by a grin. Then I was asked if I'd heard the "great news".....the city has approved trick-or-treating even with covid. (I had NOT known). Then I heard all about their costumes. The 6 y.o. told me she was upset with her mom because she wanted to go trick-or-treating as Chucky and her mom wouldn't let her. I said: "Do you mean Chucky from the Rugrats show?", which earned me another eye-roll, as she meant Chuckie from the horror film--the doll that goes around killing people with a big knife! Yikes. So I told her it was a good thing her mom said no because if someone came to my house for candy & I saw it was Chuckie out there, I wouldn't open the door, let alone give him candy. She had to think about that for a few seconds, then she said it was a good thing she's going as Mal, even though the wig her mom bought her is the one for Evie: "Do you know Mal and Evie"?  I had to tell them I'd never met them, which made them both laugh. "They're from the movie  The Descendants--have you seen it?"  Ah, no. "Where do you live, because we'll come trick-or-treat by you.  Do you like my bike?" says the older one. I told her I loved it, and that my granddaughter had just gotten the same one, as she loves the movie "Frozen". Big GASP here from the 6 y.o.--"You like FROZEN? Have you seen Frozen TWO?"  Yes, many times,  earning a gasp even from the 8 y.o........apparently I'd redeemed myself from not having seen The Descendants......& I wasn't even at the end of the block yet, as they kept riding their bikes in front of me so I kept having to stop. "Why are you walking?" I like to walk. "How far are you walking?"  Until I get tired. "We'll ride along with you, as it's fun talking to you".  Oh, I just had to laugh. I told them I didn't think their mom would like them riding past their block, let alone with a stranger; the 8 y.o. says "You're not a stranger! You just told us you lived on the next block over. What does your house look like, because we'll ask mom if we can come visit you"?  I told them it was great fun to talk with them but that I needed to get on with my walk, so they turned their bikes around and headed home. Which brings me to Dewey. The very next block had this sign in the yard, and it just cracked me up. I'd vote for Dewey!  LOL  Between the girls and the sign, I had a really enjoyable walk. Hope you all have a really enjoyable weekend! :))

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