By dfb24

The Barn...

...at Wagon Wheel Farm, the site of my dear friend Debbie's son's wedding today. The couple were married outside, under a huge old oak tree and surrounded by family and friends. The weather co-operated fully--a sunny 73 degrees with a light breeze. The barn was renovated a number of years ago by the owners to be a venue for weddings & it was beautifully rustic, with a huge terrace on the first floor in the back of the barn where hor d'oeuvres and drinks were served right after the wedding while the couple was having their wedding photos taken, then later, dinner in the upstairs of the barn. While dinner was being served the tables were removed from the terrace so that people could dance outside under the stars. It was all quite lovely. I didn't stay for the dancing because I didn't want to leave Tom alone for too long. He has a tendency to fall asleep and then sleeps right through the times for his meds if I'm not there.    (The extra, from left to right, is Sandy, me, Debbie [standing] and DJ. We all worked together and have been friends for more than 30 years.)    :)

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