By dfb24


...was the color of the early morning. I stopped my car in the middle of the road to take this, which was okay because there weren't any other cars around. I liked all the yellow leaves both on the trees and on the ground. By the time Tom & I left at 10:30 for his blood transfusion the sun was gone, the clouds had moved in & it was raining. The rain stopped by the time we got to the clinic, so I dropped Tom at the front door, parked the car, put the ear buds in, turned on Pandora & I walked a couple of miles in the Emerald Preserve to the music of one of my all time favorites--Roy Orbison. It was wonderfully relaxing, and the three photos down the right side of the collage are from my walk. If you look closely, there are 5 geese floating in the reflection of the building. After I finished my walk, I called my step-daughter to give her an update on her dad, then Jennie called, and by the time we finished talking Tom was done with his blood and we headed home. Jennie stopped over with the girls after she picked Mae up from school which was great as I haven't seen them very much lately. The sun was back out, so now our entire driveway is colorfully covered in chalk pictures!  :)

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