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Churchyard fungi

I've been on and off the phone and computer today trying to facilitate a way for Brian to make a video call to Maureen.

She is in isolation after another patient tested positive for Covid 19 and she longs to see Brian.

He can't open their computer and he does not have a smartphone.

Ian and Jan came to the rescue. Ian is on Facebook, as Maureen and I are. Jan had an iPad. Between us we were able to communicate with each other in a test run. It was nearly scuppered because I didn't know the difference between Facetime and using Messenger.

After that had worked, I phoned Maureen and asked her to switch her iPad on. We were able to have a video chat for a few minutes. She is still very poorly and tires quickly, but it was wonderful to see her as well as to speak.

Tomorrow, Brian should be able to have a video call on Jan's iPad, using Ian's Facebook account. Phew!

Arth is very sore and swollen so I had a short walk in the village. In the churchyard I found a few old tree stumps with fungi on them. I liked the shiny appearance of this cluster. I haven't identified the beasts.

Julie and I had our video call tonight and a very good catch up. 

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