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By walkingMarj

Help with identification please

I determined to stay at home and give Arth a good rest this weekend. He's been miserable for a few days. It's the swelling that is very uncomfortable.

I did venture into the garden, picked a few apples and found a blip. The Michelmas daisies are almost the only flowers, although there are late flowers on two of the clematis. I suddenly spotted this unusual bee. It was very pale indeed.

Could it be the rare shrill carder bee? I hope someone knows.

I'm still following Literary Festivals. This morning I heard Leïla Slimani, a Moroccan writer, interviewed by Phillipe Sands about her new book Adele. This is well worth hearing and is available by following this link.

Maureen and Brian were able to have that video call at lunchtime. Then Jan set up a group call to include me and Julie as well. That was fun indeed.

More importantly Maureen has been transferred to a ward from High Dependency. This is a good sign.

Julie went shopping and took a food parcel in for Maureen. (It included comb, hairbrush and lipstick!!!) Maureen had "my best meal since I came into hospital" and feasted on paté, Brie, cream crackers, fruit salad and an orange. Hooray!

My final success this evening was to find the phone number for Maureen's stepdaughter in Canada. Thankfully she has a very unusual surname and there was only one in Georgetown. I've now passed on the news to her husband and they will phone Maureen tomorrow.


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