Sunshine and berries

We are so happy with the lingon cordial and the raw jam (raw lingon + sugar mixed into a jar) that I decided to try and get more berries.
Today there was a break in the wetness and the sun actually showed its face for most of the day, so I decided to visit a local site where I'd seen lots of berries earlier in the summer. This is the track I cycled down for 3 km to get there.  There were areas with a fair number of berries, though nothing like where we picked a few days ago with Rose, the place we called lingon Shangri-La!
In the end I picked for two or three hours, mostly standing in the warm sun. I kept thinking "just a few more berries and I'll stop for a break" but I never did. In the end I collected 5 litres before the sun went down, the world grew considerably cooler, and I cycled home.
These berries are probably for freezing. The cordial and raw jam are very tasty but they don't keep for too long. We can make more as required using  frozen berries. Tomorrow I'll clean the berries of all the leaves, twigs and dust and then into the freezer with them.

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