By Colstro


Why do we take photographs?

Many of us like to be creative and exercise whatever artistic skills we have (great or small).  Some of us like the technology – the gear, the computing. Most of us enjoy the opportunity it offers to capture memories – family events, holidays, pictures of our relatives.

But whatever our reasons for taking photographs, there should be more to it than just the act of pressing the shutter release.  The photographs are there to look at, and so should be transferred somewhere where we can do that.  Blipfoto is one such place.  Yesterday we were trying to remember when we last visited a certain location;  a quick flick through my Blip journal soon confirmed the date, but we then browsed back over a period of many months before that date and enjoyed remembering the places we had visited and the events that had occurred.

I have several photobook projects I want to complete but, despite the extra time I have had at home since the coronavirus took grip, I have hardly progressed them at all.  With no camera club meetings, there have been no competitions or exhibitions to enter prints, so I have not made a single photographic print for several months.

I have come to the conclusion that I should put more time and effort into processing and using my photographs than into taking them – at least for a while.  Today, I have been preparing an entry into an international salon, and I have a couple more entries to prepare during the next week.  Over the last couple of weeks I have updated my web site a bit, but there is a lot more work to do on it.  I also want to start printing again.  I don’t want to break my blip journal although it would be easy to do so.  However, my entries may become even less exciting in the near future (not that there have been many exciting entries recently!).

All this to explain today’s boring self portrait.  I will, however, continue to take inspiration from the journals of my fellow blippers and I will look at your journals, even if I don’t always get round to commenting.

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