Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A day at the Refuge

I met up with three birder friends this morning and we spent a very enjoyable 5 hours wandering, talking, birding and (in my case) photographing.  There were large numbers of these beautiful little Palm Warblers as well as Yellow-rumped warblers, and they were extremely accommodating in posing for photos.  In the case of this one, in perfect light requiring no edits at all.  

Palm warblers breed in northern Canada and winter in FL, the gulf coast and into Central America.  We only see them here in New Jersey during migration so having abundant opportunities to photograph them today was a real treat.  

We passed very few people on the walk today, although one incredibly dense couple walked right in front of me on the trail as I was trying to photograph a kinglet.  I wanted to beat them over the head with a twig for being so clueless.  

I had thought I might get in a quick paddle today but it was after 3 when I finally got home and I decided that I should probably sort through my several hundred photos.  Good choice.  

I've posted 4 other photos from today that I especially like - starting HERE on Flickr if you would like to have a look.

You know the drill - stay safe, stay sane, be kind.  And for those of us in the USA, don't forget to vote!


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