If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Great Spotted Woodpecker. (Dendrocopos major)

It isn't often I decide I have my blip sorted early in the day.  Today by 9:30 I decided I had got the shot.  The Weedpecker hasn't been visiting for a while, but over the last few days we have had one visiting.  It doesn't show clearly on this shot, but this is a this years bird.  To the naked eye there is the tinge of pink in the white above the beak, this is all that is left of the Juvenile's red cap.   The pose is owing to it being on the roof of the bird table eyeing up the nuts hanging above.

The rest of the day was more work in the garden getting ready for the new boiler.  The fuel supply is going to need rerouted and we have 3 troughs in the way.   I have got one moved and another partially prepared.

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