By spannarama

Snacking squirrel

Had a bit of a rubbish sleep, thanks to Tim having to keep getting up last night - but I still managed to get out for another walk before work.  Not such a lovely morning, but still felt good for getting an early walk in.

This cheeky squirrel turned up outside the window while I was having my lunch.  Tim and I watched it in amusement for a while, then I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.  It was so engrossed in finding all the tasty seeds on the tree, it didn't seem to mind me snapping away :)

Char had her interview for her job today (her current role is being made redundant and she has to apply for the new role they've created for her) - and found a new flat, too, right near her sister's.  Very happy for her.

Today felt looong.  Very happy to finally finish work and start the weekend with Tim!

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