By AnneILM60


There are still lots of Cloudless Sulphur Butterflies out there and in this shot we have a Hover Fly as well. 

I slept on the porch again last night and then this morning I took some backyard photos and cleaned the porch.  You can tell it's fall with all the leaves and pine straw that I have to sweep up every other day.

In extras is my succulent pot showing my succulent that is blooming right now!

I set up my table and chairs and got all the accessories together so all would be ready when Birgit arrived with our lunch.  I had Autumn Squash soup and Grill Cheese sandwich.  Oh, true fall comfort food!  

A cold front is moving in and we are going from 80º at noon to 40º tonight. I've taken some mild migraine meds in the hopes of preventing one developing as the barometer takes a dive.  

It's Friday again people, so Happy Weekend Everyone.

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other. xx

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