By Viewpoint

Stone Walls

I’ve been spending more time editing and selecting images recently and I haven’t got a clear focus for a new project at the moment.  However, I was exploring surface texture or simple surfaces before we went away on holiday and it suddenly struck me that I have never really looked at the sandstone that our house is built from.

Another day!  Not easy.  I’m sure the dull and damp weather hasn’t helped.  I had a spell outside in the garden after lunch and managed to clear a small area including a place where a Bird feeder had been sited.  I hadn’t expected to see so much wasted food as I found.  I think they are going to be on half rations for a while.  It’s the goldfinches that are mainly to blame. I think they drop two seeds for everyone they eat.  Some of the babies have been clearing up some seeds that have  been dropped but enough!  There are sunflowers in the garden will lovely juicy ripe seeds - I think it’s time the birds worked a bit harder for their lunch.

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