A time for everything

By turnx3

Madison, Indiana

Wednesday October 14
The promise of another warm dry sunny day drew us out for the day to Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana, and the nearby riverside town of Madison. We had been to Clifty Falls earlier in the year while Laura was with us, and we concentrated on the northern area of the park where the waterfalls are. This time, knowing there would be little if any water left in the waterfalls at this time of year, we started in the southern area, and did part of a trail we hadn’t done before - it’s called a trail, but in reality it’s the stream bed, which currently is much easier to navigate since the water is low! It’s quite rugged hiking, so we got our workout in, then went into the town of Madison for an ice cream and a wander round. It’s a lovely town and a lot of the houses decorate their doorways/porches so attractively for Fall. I have put in another collage in extras from Clifty Falls.

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