I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 352 ....

.... Reflections .... on a younger self.

Since our pool is currently covered for the season and we don't live near a body of water ... not close by anyway ... I had to come up with another idea for "reflections".  

I could have taken a picture of myself reflected in a mirror but then I thought about my younger self.  And this is the result of too much thinking!!  The hardest part was coming up with an old picture of myself ... but I looked back through my blip journal and found this selfie from 2012.  Almost nine years later I'm happy to say we don't look that much older!  I enlisted the services of Richard for this shot ... but I was the one taking the picture with the help of the timer. 

Thank you, Chantler63, for organizing Mono Monday and to random_angel for hosting this week! 

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