By JohnW

Something Hard

This was a hard nut to crack, but I soon got the thread, even if I did get locked down (sorry, one for the engineers and fitters . . . ).
Tiny enough for a Tuesday: 6mm locknut so just 10mm across the flats.
It’s all happening around here.  We just had an air ambulance land and take off from the village playing field.  Didn’t get a great shot with the macro lens set up on the camera, a bit blurred. 
Just before that we had a call from the daughter to say that they were all home and safe . . . ?   Apparently the Bourne Grammar School had been evacuated earlier in the afternoon after a suspicious phone call to the school.  I expect it will be on Look North this evening.
On top of all that it was a Sainsburys’ delivery, that arrived quarter of an hour early.
Many thanks to ApolloFly for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

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