Tiny Tuesday: "Something Hard"

ApolloFly would like us to blip something hard for today's TT challenge.

Well, diamond is pretty hard, but even that can develop a few pits and scratches when it's on my Editor's engagement ring after being worn for almost 40 years. Anyway, she kindly lent it to me for blipping.

(Techy info for fellow geeks: 15-layer in-camera focus stack set at maximum intervals ("10" on the scale) on the Olympus. 60mm macro lens at f2.8 with 26mm extension tube, Topaz DeNoise AI to get rid of some noise in the black background. The diamond is only 4mm across and the photo is only minimally cropped. I don't know the origin of the tiny radiating white streaks but I've left them on as they're rather nice; I suspect they're an artefact from tiny white specs on the black cloth background converted into streaks by the focus stacking. You'll probably have to look large to see them.)

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