By davidc

Wide Wednesday: "Close or Tight"

I'll leave you to decide whether you think this is a lousy quality photograph, or an arty one - I'm not really sure myself!

Bobsblips's Widwed challenge this week is "Close or Tight". Well on my morning walk I rather liked the appearance of the wind turbine bases (being built on Tyneside) looming out of the autumn mist. I thought I could take a photo  and do a wide tight crop on them. However - silly me - I'd not taken my "proper" camera so had to content myself with ym phone camera - and they were a long way away. So not only is this photo tightly cropped around the bases, it's only a very small fragment of the original photo so it's very pixellated. I've tried to tweak it to make it sort-of-impressionist but I'm not convinced I've succeeded. Anyway at least there's a nice splash of (blurry) autumn colour.

And of course I hope they fix the turbine blades tightly to the bases when they set them up in the North Sea...!

It may look better large...I'm not sure of that either but hey, it's fun to experiment!

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