By Viewpoint

What to photograph when all else fails ...

I know I’ll get the lensbaby out of its bag.  In truth it’s been a none photography day and having left writing my journal to a time when my brain doesn’t function very well, so there might not be many words either.  It's two months since I lost Ann and inevitably the whole scenario plays through my mind.

Our day has been one of frustration, I say `our’ because Merv came to put up one of the new outside lights I’d bought and discovered the junction box full of water - so no wonder the lights weren’t working.  I have to buy a replacement junction box and some sealant before he can finish the job and as he was anxious to go off and feed his pheasants I decided I could leave that job until tomorrow.  
I ended up waiting for an Amazon delivery that didn’t come so no walk.  The lovely thing that happened was that John D, who did our re-roofing and arranged for the repointing of our weather wall, was working across the road and he came to see me.  He lost his partner last year from cancer so understands loss.  It was lovely to see him.

p.s. Ann loved this stove, but it’s definitely looking worse for wear, and we had planned to change it this year.  She was our fire raiser, so I’m having to learn.

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