By dreaming

More trouble

For about a week I've been trying to forestall the installation of Windows updates on my computer because we all know what happens when that takes place.  Unfortunately they tried to slip the updates in while I was asleep and - surprise, surprise- the fan stopped working and the computer had to be shut down.  So another visit from Doug, the family repairman, to check, clean and replace the fan again.

So the time is obviously now to buy a new computer and I've been reading reviews and looking online, but the big problem is that I don't know what I want to get.  I like the idea of a laptop because of its portability, but I had one a few years back and never got used to it, eventually giving it to Sarah.  I'm most comfortable with a PC, but they take up so much space and have to stay in one place.

I've been looking at laptops (see photo above) and thinking about just buying a new CPU for the computer I have now.  But I really want a larger monitor too.  So I dither.  But it really is crunch time and I'll have to make a decision soon.  Any advice any of you want to offer would be gratefully received.

Not completely out of the woods with the virus yet, but definitely improving.

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